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Bodies Of Land Surrounded By Water

About Program

The Exi(s)t programme, first initiated in 2011 aims at creating an opportunity for young Jakarta-based artists

In the latest Exi(s)t#5, we explore the notion of the sea and its existence in the city. We explore the complexities of land-sea relations within the context of urbanism, development, and archipelagic state. It aims to facilitate critical reflections and discussions about questions such as – and not limited to – what roles (be they cultural, economic, political) does the sea play on local, regional and global levels? How do we analyse the social aspects of land reclamation as a method for creating new urban spaces? How should we discuss the relevance of ports – located on the waterfront looking outward – as points of contact between people, goods and ideas, from both a historical and present perspective? How have folklore and myths shape our imagination about land-sea relations?

Exhibition Opening

saturday, 12th nov 2016 at 4.00 pm


gabriel sena • fiametta gabriela • gadis fitriana • dio prakasa • ahmad fauzan • rianti gautama


kemang selatan 99a
jakarta 12730


mitha budhyarto & athina dinda

Exhibition Period

12th nov – 11th dec 2016