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Nindityo Adipurnomo's Solo Exhibition

About Program

This art project is the brainchild of the artist to present an appreciation to arts in an ‘ancient way’ by upholding the subjective and sensory power, and preceding personal experience from individuals in modern society group in Jakarta.

By involving ten ‘dialogue stakeholders’, that are friends of Dia.lo.gue Artspace with diverse professional backgrounds, the artist lend his works to each individual for 2 to 3 months. Appreciative notes from the ‘dialogue stakeholders’ during the display of the artwork, be they are criticism, comment, suggestion of title, accompanied by selfie photographs with the works, would be the source of inspirations to the artist to create new works that will be exhibited alongside the borrowed works.

Nindityo Adipurnomo was born in June 24, 1961 in Semarang. In 1981-1988 he studied Fine Art in STSRI ‘ASRI’, Jogjakarta. In 1986-1987, he took post-academy program in Amsterdam, Holland. He participated in several art residency programs and workshops, in Wales-UK, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong & Holland. In 1998, Nindityo opened Cemeti with Mella Jaarsma.