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Exi(s)t 2017

Talkshow Event


Dia.lo.gue has established Exi(s)t mentoring program for 5 years in a row. Exi(s)t now invites 15 artists that have been participated in the program to display their work altogether. Galeri Nasional Indonesia supports the program by being the host for Exi(s)t 2017. This is a milestone for Exi(s)t to state the participants’ existence in Indonesia’s art landscape.

“Tomorrow As We Know It” is the theme for Exi(s)t 2017. This exhibition invites the participants to predict and interpret the future based on their own perspectives. The apocalypse, spiritual issues, gender, science, and the reality of the cyberspace are some of the topics that are displayed in the exhibition.


Bey Shouqi
Dhanny Sanjaya
Edita Atmaja
Faisal Rahman Ursalim
Fransisca Retno
Gadis Fitriana
Grace Joetama
Ivan Christianto
Kara Andarini
Monica Hapsari
Ratu R. Saraswati
Rianti Gautama
Sarita Ibnoe
Wangsit Firmantika
Yaya Sung


Evelyn Huang
Shila Ghaisani