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“NAMAKU PRAM” Catatan & Arsip Exhibition

Pramoedya Ananta Toer's Notes and Archives Exhibition


He was known for his thoughts that was written amidst rulers’ oppression. A master-storyteller, who has wrote more than 50 books in his lifetime. His books were read internationally, being translated to 42 languages. He is one of the best, that has ever been born in this archipelago.

His life was dedicated for humanity and Indonesia. His time were spent to write his memories and acts that was formed by injustices which he witnessed all around him.

He collected stories, gathered datas and compiled cuts of printed news, to then be re-told through characters that has moved countless numbers of young people.

Behind his works and the many stories he gathered from all corners of this country, there are still a lot about him which was unknown, buried beneath books and slowly thinning eroded by time.

This exhibition will give a closer look, at the life of one of Indonesia’s most famous writer. Sheets of encyclopedia pages which haven’t finished, faded photographs and several unpublished letters, will tell a glimpse of Pram’s life, who also lives on the other side of tetralogy and manuscripts of stories about the life of young women and men of this country.

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