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Opening Exhibition with T. Sutanto

The printmaking journey of T. Sutanto (1975-1993)


This exhibition is a selection of T. Sutanto’s (born 1941) silkscreen prints (serigraphy). Serigraphy also identifies Sutanto’s artistic career in the DECENTA period, a design bureau existed in Bandung from 1973 to 1983 (consisted of graduates and lecturers from ITB Art Department). Decenta has been known for the group’s exploration using silkscreen as a media, thus initiates the expansion of appreciation towards printmaking in Indonesia.

DECENTA (Design Center Association) is a design firm that was founded on 1973 by Adri Palar, A.D. Pirous, G. Sidharta, Sunaryo, T. Sutanto and Priyanto Sunarto. Most of their projects were all about goverment’s buildings and private institutions in the new order era.

Other than exploring decorative elements in his prints, Sutanto also adopted forms or figures from Indonesian folk tales and popular icons. Aside from ‘lines’ as a predominant element, Sutanto’s serigraphy also composed from the “cut-paste” of varied images, and the rich use of color.

His artworks often led to a playful, absurd, and surreal meaning, which represent his artistic path that also became an alternative to lyricism tendency in the 1970s Indonesian art and a form of distinctive political aspiration during the new order era.

The event is opened by Chabib Duta Hapsoro and T. Sutanto himself, where they share the process on how the artworks are made, and how his art inspires other artists in Indonesia.

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