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Pasar Seni and Performance

Reka Rupa Rasa Illustration Festival

Thank you to all the tenants and performers who have participated in the sMart Dialogue #11: Reka Rupa Rasa Illustration Festival. Each of your product is delightfully unique and visually captivating! The three-day event  is a great success thanks to your contributions. We could not be happier having chosen all of you to be a part of this wonderful event.

Art of Life by ARTOTEL • Barsum World • Bernadet Putri • Brombie Lab • Bollu by Ruth Marbun • Cotton and Tartlets • Gustolabo • Hubble Scoop • Katering Proklamasi • Liunic On Things • Lorenzo Matthew • Koolastuffa • Margaret Yap • Moon Pancake • Nengiren & Hakim • Obie • PIBO  • Phantasien • Show The Monster •  Sekkha • SukkhaCitta • Stumblenote • Whatever Workshop • Water Planet

AreYouAlone • Manusia Aksara • Flora Marcella • Tomy Herseta • Christie Harris • Kevin Nikolas • YugoPDSR

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