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Pentimento: A Speculative Trace

Naomi Samara is a cross cutting artist with various medias in arts and design. She established and managed Ghostbird + Swoon, an artspace that combines a curated retail store and art exhibition space. She has curated several art exhibitions that focuses on the development of contemporary art practice in Bali. Her work tends to develop from personal narration through visualization of the human body that is deconstructed with paint or strong graphical strokes. She views the human body as a media to show or conceal meanings that it become the main muse throughout her works.

Naomi Samara
Ruth Marbun
Salvita Decorte

Sally Texania

exhibition period:
17 July – 19 August 2019
open for public

Kemang Selatan 99 A
Jakarta 12730

supported by @indoartnow @manualjakarta