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Pentimento: A Speculative Trace

An exhibition by Naomi Samara, Ruth Marbun, and Salvita Decorte

This exhibition featured 3 female artists who often left remnants of processes as part of their ‘finished’ work. Pentimento: A Speculative Trace aims to display works of artists who explore their individual struggles within society, artist with questions on memories and continuous introspection. The consideration to execute a stroke, to erase, to add lines is a reflection of the artist’s continuous effort to unveil and reinterpret. Hence, the intentional display of processes behind a finished work is not merely physical evidence but also a conceptual decision. The interpretation of their work tends to be speculative as it is driven by scrambled and non-linear narratives.

Download our catalogue here.

Naomi Samara
Ruth Marbun
Salvita Decorte

Sally Texania

opening exhibition:
Wednesday, 17 July 2019
At 7 pm

exhibition period:
17 July – 19 August 2019
open for public

Kemang Selatan 99 A
Jakarta 12730

supported by @indoartnow @manualjakarta

photograph by RIOP