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About Dia.Lo.Gue

dia.lo.gue is a public and collective art space that is open to various types of art and design. We truly believe in creating a platform that nurtures experimentation and sparks creativity, passion, and new interests. This ethos is reflected in the name itself, which translates in the local Betawi language as ‘He/She – You – Me’, as well as in its logogram, which represents individuals and characters from many different backgrounds, ages, and personalities.

We realize the importance of local art communities as a part of the ecosystem. As a platform that allows art to happen, we thrive to sustain our space based on community collaboration and public engagement. We embrace all forms of media, where genuine creative dialogue connects artists, designers, and the wider community.

Our program focuses on working in the fields of art, design, and culture. Our main goal is to raise awareness and appreciation of art and design, stimulate new creations by promoting emerging local artists and communities, supporting the sustainability of artists, designers, and the local creative industry.

We welcome you to take part in supporting our ever-growing community, come and experience our space as a place to hang out, learn, or simply find inspiration in the rotating programs and exhibits.