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Retrospect. Repose. Redefine.

In a journey of an artist, one often finds themselves being on a certain path and wanting to look back and retrace. Its sole purpose is to figure out where and how to continue. It requires introspective skills, yet to truly see inward is quite terrifying especially when done in front of public eyes. What would we see? What is important in our life? Have we achieved it? Where would we go afterwards? What would people around us think?

To name this a ‘transition’ would be too pretentious; perhaps nothing significant would change. However, creating an intimate space where one can repose and being witnessed during this retrospective process at the same time offers a widened perspective. It is the power of being seen that accelerates the internal meaning making. When one seeks towards the innermost part of the self, it is somewhat easier to be misguided by one’s own biases which sometime even triggers a more vague idea. Whereas going through the process with a witness helps bring out the animated self-dialogue through exchanging thoughts, expressions, and gestures.

The purpose of this space is to unearth and map out the artist’s existing practice and create an opportunity to redefine its trajectory. It might not be experimental as such, but it should be safe enough for them to comfortably explore the uncharted territories.

As with life in general where everything seems to pass by too quickly, this exhibition is an effort to slow down and reconnect with each artist’s beliefs and interests. The artworks should not only be an evidence of the artistic process, but also an invitation for the audience to take a step back from what has always been seen as a routine, reevaluate it so that it becomes more meaningful, and redefine themselves in the role they play day in day out.

Haguri Sato
Maharani Mancanagara
Cinanti Astria Johansjah
Cecilia Patricia Untario

Ardhana Riswarie

opening exhibition:
Sat, 24 Aug 2019, 4.30pm
Kemang Selatan 99a
Jakarta 12730

officiated by:
Dr. Melani Setiawan

exhibition period:
24 Aug – 20 Sep 2019
open for public

supported by:
@manualjakarta @indoartnow @whiteboardjournal