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Seek-A-Seek #2: Class

Experimentation & Research for Designers

A 5 days intensive class with Prakerti Collective
Lead by Cecil Mariani
How to sharpen your critical thinking, use experimentation and research methods to create new experiences that will enrich your creative mind, deepen your reasoning as a graphic designer.
The process and output from the classes will be published in the next issue of “Further Reading Print: Seek A Seek Class Special Edition”. Schedule:
January 18, 19, 25, 26, 31 2020
+ assignment days at home

To be confirmed (South Jakarta)

Price: Rp 3 mio .
Payment to
Cashtag $seekaseek

BCA 2860296431
Rege Luhur Indrastudianto

Send your payment receipt to seek.a.talk@gmail.com with the date you have chosen

For more info WA Wulan +62 8787-877-8720

Prakerti Collective Intelligence is a unit under Prakerti co-operative platform founded by academicians (punkademias). It aims to accelerate knowledge towards meaningful transformations of workers livelihood & society through relentless cognitive works such as research, study, thinking, journalism, art, & trans-disciplinary collaborations, as well as experimentations. Prakerti supports workers, researchers, designers, artists, experts and organizational endeavors through academic and non-academic means.

Further Reading is a multi-format publishing platform that compiles reading references, produce design periodicals (FR Print), curates exhibitions and organises workshops. We seek to engage in discourse within design practice by exploring the sociocultural and political contexts.