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Seek-A-Seek #2: sMart Dialogue #12 Pasar Seni x Road To Jakarta Art Book Fair

sMart Dialogue Pasar Seni #12 was back again in 2019 along with Road To Jakarta Art Book Fair 2020 as a part of Seek-A-Seek #2: a graphic design festival and the upcoming Jakarta Art Book Fair 2020. Held in Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, this 3-days event had taken place in 13-15 December 2019.

This time around, sMart Dialogue features emerging creative brands that crafted and produced a variety of products by some of the most talented designers and artists in Indonesia. Furthermore, the first ever pop up of Jakarta Art Book Fair, features various titles of books, magazines, zines, merchandises from local and international exhibitors.

Photo by: @_riop_