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Self Explanatory

Exhibition by Ines Katamso, Natisa Jones, Ykha Amelz


Is it a struggle to find your place in the world, or is it perhaps more of an internal battle to become comfortable with who you are?

Dia.Lo.Gue is delighted to present ‘Self Explanatory’, a group exhibition of Ines Katamso, Natisa Jones and Ykha Amelz. This exhibition presents a series of new works issuing from a succession of projections, conversations and distorted memories related to each artist’s’ life experience. It is the process of examining of one’s own thoughts and feelings by the act of contemplation, examination and questioning the self.

Such approach is completely natural, while perhaps others live by them the moments and only start to ponder these questions until something changes their perspective. Even with support available, the act of self-discovery can be a lonely road, because it is a path each individuals have to walk alone. Through reflecting the works of the three contemporary artists, who are constantly exploring their inner selves through thought-provoking ways, this exhibition invites the audience to build emotional self-awareness, a necessity to the process of growth. The self is not something one finds; it is something one creates.