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Smart Dialogue #11: Reka Rupa Rasa Illustration Festival

Friday, 20 July 2018 at 6pm
jl Kemang Selatan 99a
Jakarta 12730

officiated by Hanny Kardinata
Founder of DGI, Graphic Designer
& Senior Illustrator

20 July – 19 August

Friday 20 July, 11am – 9pm
Saturday 21 July, 9am – 8pm
Sunday 22 July, 9am – 6pm

20, 28 July 3pm,
4, 11 & 18 August 3pm

We welcome you to celebrate the first ever Reka Rupa Rasa: an Asian Illustration Festival. Immerse yourself in the richness in the world of illustration, experience our shared value of visual language. Seek tons of exciting programs and have the most imaginative weekend!

We present a curated exhibition of illustration by 13 illustrators across field of discipline, 10 of Indonesia’s top illustrators will showcase their works as the host to our 3 international friends from South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and 2 illustrators of projects on site. You can also explore various creative products and experience the art market that features 20+ makers; get involved in the doodle wall, see Indonesia’s iconic illustration at the Wall of Illustrator, the journey of illustration so far, experiential mural, alongside live music performance, workshops; talkshows, and more—all by our illustrators!

In this era of digital revolution, graphic design works have been saturated into society—that people take it for granted as mundane objects in life. In modern Indonesia, where the every day article of life is often sublimated, rarely do we care into pausing and celebrating the ordinary—which is where the danger lies, for visual objects are transient, their aura is fleeting, forgotten once disregarded. So, once in a while, why don’t we celebrate graphic design?

In an era in which the eye became the most important human sense, illustration have evolved very quickly—illustrators multiplied in numbers and gained mass attention and appreciation. But behind its function as merely ‘like’ and ‘share’ generator, it is important to remember the long history of illustration. This exhibition aims to showcase the richness of illustrative form by displaying the process of thinking and aesthetic experimentation, conveying a common message that can be understood by most people.

So, come and celebrate the imaginative world of illustration (and of course share it if you may)!

Caravan Studio • Citra Marina • Debbie Tea • Kendra Ahimsa • Kendra Paramita • Koichiro Kashima • Lala Bohang • Mulie Addlecoat • Nuttapong Daovichitr • Percolate Galactic • Sandy Lee • Wanara Studio • Yeji Jun

Gema Semesta • Heimlo Studio

Arian13 • Danarto • Diela Maharanie • Eko Bintang  • Glitch Network & Stellar Labs • Hanny Kardinata • Hardiyono • LeBoYe • Mayumi Haryoto • Mice • Muhammad Taufiq ‘Emte’ • Nengiren • Oentarto • Puranto Yapung • R.A Kosasih • Aditya Pratama ‘Sarkodit’ • Suyadi ‘Pak Raden’ • Tjahyono Abdi • Tommy Chandra • Wahyu Ichwandardi ‘Pinot’ • Ykha Amelz

Art of Life by ARTOTEL • Barsum World • Bernadet Putri • Brombie Lab • Bollu by Ruth Marbun • Cotton and Tartlets • Gustolabo • Hubble Scoop • Katering Proklamasi • Liunic On Things • Lorenzo Matthew • Koolastuffa • Margaret Yap • Moon Pancake • Nengiren & Hakim • Obie • PIBO  • Phantasien • Show The Monster •  Sekkha • SukkhaCitta • Stumblenote • Whatever Workshop • Water Planet

Atreyu Moniaga • ARTOTEL Group • Catalyst • Diela Maharanie • Elfandiary • Grafis Huru Hara • Kathrin Honesta • Koichiro Kashima • Nuttapong Daovichitr • Percolate Galactic • Sandy Lee • Yeji Jun

Workshop Registration

Jl Kemang Selatan 99A
Jakarta 12730

Artotel, Simpul Group