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Social Gathering with Ubies in Jakarta

Launching of Ubisum Tournament 2019

On September 14th, Hiroaki Shono and Nobuyazu Fukazawa as the initiator of the Ubisum tournament together with artists and curators from Indonesia gathered that took place in Dialogue Artspace Jakarta to discuss the process and mechanism of the tournament.

With Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil (LeBoYe, Dia.Lo.Gue) as a judge, he appointed 10 Indonesian creative figures to become mentors in the tournament ranging from Max Suriaganda (Footurama, Studio 1212, Whiteboard Journal), Jun Tirtadji (ROH Project), Erastus Pramudita Radjimin (ARTOTEL), FX Woto Wibowo (Yes No Wave), Enin Supriyanto (RUBANAH Artspace), Jimmy Akili (bobobobo.com), Benedicto (Sri Sasanti Gallery), David Irianto (Simpul Publishing), Riama Maslan (ITB, Children Book specialist), and Ivan Hady Wibowo (Flock Creative Network).

Regarding the Ubisum mechanism, starting from an open submission, all submissions will then be reviewed by 100 selected mentors from various backgrounds. These mentors are chosen by Judges from each of their respective countries. The 100 creators who qualify will then be paired up and have the support of the chosen mentor and can continue into the main round. Judging from the main round to the final round was calculated from the results of reviews by the audience, reaction to open reviews, and votes from the judges.

Submissions for Ubisum will be closed on 15 November 2019.

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