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Space of Kaieness

Space of Kaieness is a platform dedicated to tell stories, share ideas, encourage interactions and explore creativity to stimulate all senses. There is no specific form, rules or even shape that truly defines the meaning behind the concept but rather a mission to bring forward new and fresh approach towards idea sharing and conversation go-getters in order to inspire and be inspired in return.

In an effort to reintroduce the concept of appreciating nature, Kaie collaborated with Oltjikko to stage an installation that depicts the importance of appreciating nature in our daily life. At Kaie, our spirits are aimed to kick-start a self-realization project in an attempt to promote kindness to oneself. Being kind is an important gesture but let’s not forget to start from the most important underlying element of an attempt to be grateful; the act of loving ourselves.

Through this landscape art installation, we invite everyone to pop their head inside the nature box to reset and recharge their mind from their daily activities in an attempt to be kind to our overworked mind and release the stress.