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Talkshow #1: How to Publish Your Book: The New Medium for Visual Artist/Illustrators

Reka Rupa Rasa Illustration Festival

An open conversation between illustrators and publisher about how to transform visual and text into a book medium. Also, why print is not dead, it’s more alive than ever. A Casual Book Clinic session available for limited participants where the speakers had one on one consultation for a script that combine text and visual. It can be yours or a collaboration with your friend.

This talkshow was held on Saturday, 28 July 2018 with Citra Marina (Creator of Choo Choo), Kathrin Honesta (Illustrator of The Petite World), Lala Bohang (Creator of The Book of Forbidden Feelings & The Book of Invisible Questions), Siska Yuanita (Editor of Gramedia Pustaka Utama), and hosted by Rukmunal Hakim.

Supported by Artotel, Simpul Group, Catalyst Arts, Gramedia Pustaka Utama

#SmartDialogue #RekaRupaRasa