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Unit Produksi Berita

Solo Exhibition by Nindityo Adipurnomo


In collaboration with: Afi Shamara, Arimbi Nimpuno, Gianni Fajri, Gregorius Supie, Jessica Soekidi, Jo Eline, John Navid, Michela Cavagna, Vanessa Kalani Ong, Wiyu Wahono.

Nindityo Adipurnomo took the idea of this project to appreciate the work of art by simply honoring the power of manner and subjective individual experience in Jakarta’s modern society. Nindityo involved people with different backgrounds by lending his artworks to each person for 2-3 months. He requested them to appreciate, comment, or even critique his work, and then take a selfie with the artworks that they have. Nindityo then recreated his work into a new one with each people in it.

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