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Unknown Asia 2017

by Yoshihiro Taniguchi, Hiroaki Shono, and Kendra Ahimsa


Reviewers select 10-15 talented artists to participate in Unknown Asia 2017.

Yoshihiro Taniguchi was born in Kyoto in 1963. Young artists excavation project.

“digmeout” producer. Appointed artist in fm802, sony, nissan, resona bank, companies such as nike promotion, publication of art books, maker of exhibitions in japan and overseas connecting “town,” “art,” and “people”. Currently planning to produce america village gallery cafe “digmeout art & diner”. He also opened “dmo arts” art gallery as the director in may 2011.

Hiroaki Shono is an artists agent vision track representative. Established the Asian creative platform “Ubies” in 2011. Published Asian creators 150 people to heat up the world by PIE International in 2013. Produced ACN sponsored “ASIAN CREATIVE AWARDS” in 2014, 1000 spirited creators from Asia gathered more than 3000 works.

Kendra Ahimsa, also known as ARDNEKS, is the Grand Prix winner of last year’s UNKNOWN ASIA. He is a Jakarta-based artist whose psychedelic visual style recreates a curious world of bright bold colors, pop culture, intergalactic deities, and dreamy tropicália. Kendra likes to mix his love of typography, musical subcultures, and Japanese comics with some subtle spiritual themes and the lush colors of tropical Indonesia.

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