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International Art Event by Kiyobank, FM802, FM Cocolo 765

UNKNOWN ASIA 2017 is a unique international art event has been held in Harbis Hall Osaka for three days.

It was the biggest for the last 3 years. 200 artists from 10 countries in Asia including Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

It includes various artworks from a range of disciplines such as art, design, photography, illustration, fashion, films, and installation.

UNKNOWN ASIA has been expanding its scale and popularity in Asia since 2015 for cross-border exhibitions and for collaborations with photo and art fair. Now, UNKNOWN ASIA became a “hub” for artists and business clients that brings out the best in the artistic network in all around the Asia.

There were 12 artists from Indonesia participated and exhibit their works. There were 100 judges and reviewers including professional art judges and art collectors from  around the world who also gather to vote for each award and Grand Prix.

Natasha Lubis was one out of six candidates nominated for Grand Prix from outside of Japan.

There are also 7 Judges Award prizes that were given to 5 of our artists. They are:

  • Hilarius Jason Pratana with Hiroaki Shono Prize and Ryo Takahashi Prize
  • Resatio Adi Putra with Takahiro Kaneshima Prize and Pahparn Sirima Chaipreechawit Prize
  • Evelyn Pritt with Yoshihiro Taniguchi Prize
  • Debbie Tea with Keita Kusaka Prize
  • Natasha Lubis with Hiro Sugiyama Prize


Congratulations to all participants!