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Workshop #3: Elfandiary on Watercolor Illustration

Reka Rupa Rasa Illustration Festival

Elfandiary is an illustrator in Bandung, Indonesia. He works for both commercial and personal projects with a variety of media. Since he was a child, he interested in the world of illustration, and drawing has always been a medium to express himselves. One of his biggest inspirations is comic book, which inspires him to start drawing. This small hobby of him that later became his passion to become an illustrator. Eventually, he joined a mural team called FAVE, a group that has been running since 2011. In this intimate and personal workshop that was held on Saturday, 11 August 2018, Elfandiary, demonstrated and teached his watercolor technique to create astonishing watercolor artworks.

Supported by Artotel, Simpul Group, Staedtler Indonesia

#SmartDialogue #RekaRupaRasa