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Exi(s)t #7

Setelah Exi(s)t 2017 yang diadakan di Galeri Nasional mendapat respon baik dengan meluapnya pengunjung yang hadir. Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace kembali mengajak para perupa muda berbasis Jakarta untuk ikut dalam program tahunan EXI(S)T yang sudah diadakan dari tahun 2012.  Disini kami tertarik untuk menjadi semacam inkubator untuk berbagai potensi artistik, dimana dialog kritis antara partisipan dan mentor serta kurator...
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Space of Kaieness

Space of Kaieness is a platform dedicated to tell stories, share ideas, encourage interactions and explore creativity to stimulate all senses. There is no specific form, rules or even shape that truly defines the meaning behind the concept but rather a mission to bring forward new and fresh approach towards idea sharing and conversation go-getters...
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INSTAXHIBITION: Instax Photo Exhibition

Instaxhibition is Instax photo exhibition collaborating with some of the most well-known passionate people and will show about the priceless things that our film can be used for. We are also introducing the new Instax Share SP3 & INSTAX x TULUS Deluxe Package. We are teaming up with: Aditya Pratama (Sarkodit) Diela Maharanie Dinda PS Kathrin Honesta...
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Self Explanatory

Is it a struggle to find your place in the world, or is it perhaps more of an internal battle to become comfortable with who you are? Dia.Lo.Gue is delighted to present ‘Self Explanatory’, a group exhibition of Ines Katamso, Natisa Jones and Ykha Amelz. This exhibition presents a series of new works issuing from...
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