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Seek-A-Seek #2: A Graphic Design Exhibition

Seek-a-seek-a-seek-a-seek-a-seek-a-seek-a-seek-a-seek-a-seek-a-seek-a-seek-a-seek ! Let's Celebrate Graphic Design! Come view, experience, and immerse yourself in a special collaborative exhibit and installation from as many as 40+ renowned Indonesian graphic designers and studios who will be on a showcase for two months. Throughout this period - learn, discuss, and participate in a variety of educational and creative event...
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Seek-A-Seek #2: A Graphic Design Exhibition 29/11/19 - 31/01/20 Dia.Lo.Gue, Kemang WORKSHOP KITCHEN LITHO BY GRAFIS HURU HARA • Teknik cetak datar alternatif lithografi yang biasanya menggunakan batu sebagai penghasil cetakan gambar. Kitchen litho merupakan metode sederhana dengan penggunaan material yang mudah didapatkan dan ramah lingkungan. Metode ini sangat releven untuk pembelajaran sederhana metode kerja cetak...
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Seek-a-seek #2: a graphic design exhibition Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace 29/11/2020 - 31/01/2020 Last two weeks to enjoy the exhibition and its programs! Program for this Saturday, 18/01/2020: Talkshow == Saturday, 18/01/2020 13.00-14.30 Topic: What You Need to Know About The Creative Policy Panelists: Wulan Pusponegoro - Direktur Riset, Edukasi dan Pengembangan (ADGI) Zinnia Nizar - Vice President...
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Seek-A-Seek #2: Class

Experimentation & Research for Designers A 5 days intensive class with Prakerti Collective Lead by Cecil Mariani How to sharpen your critical thinking, use experimentation and research methods to create new experiences that will enrich your creative mind, deepen your reasoning as a graphic designer. The process and output from the classes will be published...
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